INTA Leadership Meeting 2021

Lana Kistersky, the representative of the Kistersky IP Law company, received an exclusive invitation to participate in International Trademark Association Leadership Meeting that was held online in May 3-7.

During this virtual conference Lana Kistersky was able to learn a lot of useful information about the work of the various Committees. She also had a chance to discuss related topics with the 2021 INTA President Tiki Dare through the Networking in the INTA Cafe.

We would also like to mention the informative Educational Sessions and the
Workshops where a lot of important issues we discussed and a number of new business connections were made. Lana Kistersky had a chance not only to talk about the current news in the field of Intellectual Property but also to share some information about the impact of the pandemic on the IP work process in Ukraine and to gain awareness about struggles and successes of other countries in the time of Covid-19.

Though the 2021 Leadership Meeting was a completely new experience for Kistersky IP Law, our representative is planning to join one of the INTA Committees in the nearest future.

Kistersky IP Law wants to thank International Association for the kind invitation to this virtual conference as well as for the productive networking and well organised Educational Sessions.

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