— registration steps –
1. Trademark Search
2. Filing of an application for the Trademark registration
3. Formal examination of the Trademark
4. Substantive examination of the Trademark
5. Registration of the Trademark
The trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the filing date (can be continued at the request of the owner of the certificate every 10 years).
— registration steps –
1. Filing of an application for the invention registration
2. Preliminary examination
3. Substantive examination
4. Patent issuance
Patent for the invention is valid for 20 years after the initial filing date.
— registration steps –
1. Filing of an application for the industrial design registration
2. Formal examination
3. Patent issuance
The Applicant can choose to get a temporary patent which is valid for 5 years or the patent which is valid for 10 years. For the temporary patent the design application will undergo a temporary examination within 6 months from the filing date after which the decision to grant the temporary patent will be issued. A temporary patent is issued after a preliminary examination.
The patent is issued after the substantive examination of the application.
– registration steps –
Utility model as an object of intellectual property is not provided by legislation.