The quality and accuracy always have priority when it comes to patents and patent translation.

What is patent translation? This is the process of translating documentation that relates to the field of intellectual property (inventions, utility models, trademarks, etc.) into another language. This can be a formula, description and drawings, priority application or legal documentation related to litigation. This type of translation makes the process of filing a patent application more efficient and effective in the country into which the translation is to be performed.

Patent translation differs from other forms of translation in that it requires the use of special terminology and must be performed by highly specialized specialists in accordance with their experience in the field of the patent language and the specific subject area of the patent itself, depending on the technical field.

With the ever-increasing number of patent applications in the world, the demand for such translations is increasing.

We offer a full range of patent translation services, which include highly specialized and unique technical terminology, style and format, and are able to perform such work in a short time, as our patent translation experts understand how important accuracy is in this area.

Our patent translation services include patent translation into Ukrainian (Russian) language from such languages:

English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian.

Our company Kistersky IP Law includes patent attorneys, highly qualified experts and translators with many years of experience which offers a highly qualified expert translation services and preparation of translations for filing to the patent offices.
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