Kyiv, February 1, 2018


At the invitation of “TradeMasterGroup”, employees of “KISTERSKY IP Law” took part in the all-Ukrainian conference of trade markers “BIG TRADE-MARKETING SHOW. PRACTICE ».
Heads of the departments of trade marketing, marketing, marketing specialists, trade markers, brand managers, general directors, owners, directors of sales of production and retail companies, distributors, as well as owners of advertising and marketing agencies of companies from Ukraine and Russia took part in the conference. , Europe and CIS countries.
The participants of the conference held 5 sessions on the development of markets using the legal protection of intellectual property, including reports on the development of trends, the virtual sales system by retailers, the approaches and motivations of sales teams in sales, on working with non-standard methods of promotion and sales of products, as tasting, using festivals and using virtual reality.

In the course of business communication, employees of KISTERSKY IP Law held consultations on the issues of intellectual property rights protection in Ukraine and EU countries.

The issues touched upon attracted considerable interest among the participants of the conference and at each session the absolutely topical issues of the development of the Ukrainian market were touched upon. New approaches in the field of sales and promotion of services for different companies from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and CIS countries were considered and actively discussed during discussions among the participants of the conference.

In addition to the time allotted for communication within the framework of the regulations, the conference participants had the opportunity to continue communicating with the speakers in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and discuss various issues of the development of the Ukrainian market.
The patent group “KISTERSKY IP Law” expresses sincere gratitude to the “TradeMasterGroup” company and the participants of the conference for the joint work and friendly atmosphere, which contributes to productive communication and establishment of new business ties.

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