Tasteful Intellectual Property

Ruslan Stepenko, a lawyer at KISTERSKY IP Law, took part in the “Tasteful Intellectual Property” event organised by the National Association of Patent Attorneys of Ukraine in Lviv on January 30, 2021.

The event was attended by practicing Patent attorneys, experts, forensic experts and lawyers specialising in the field of intellectual property law.

The main topics for discussion at the event were:

  • Protection of culinary products by registering as an invention.
  • Protection of culinary products by registering as a trademark.
  • Protection of sound trademarks.Protecting the recipe as an object of copyright.
  • Protecting the appearance of confectionery goods using an industrial design.
  • Protection of recipes as a trade secret.

During the main part of the event, the current certificates and patents on the registration of various intellectual property objects for the protection of culinary products, as well as the problems of registering a culinary recipe and possible solutions were discussed.

After the main part of the event, the participants were given an opportunity to attend a master class by the famous culinary specialist, restaurateur, blogger and expert, researcher of Ukrainian cuisine, author of many recipes, Sergei Pozhar.

The KISTERSKY IP Law patent firm expresses its gratitude to the organisers of the ‘Tasteful Intellectual Property’ event, as well as to all its participants for the high level of organisation of the event, teamwork and a friendly atmosphere that promoted productive communication and establishment of business connections to effectively represent the interests of our clients.

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