Annual Meeting 2020

Lana Kistersky represented Kistersky IP Law company in the annual conference of the International Trademark Association (INTA). Due to the global pandemic this INTA 2020 was held virtually but nevertheless it was attended by more than 3000 participants all over the globe.

This annual conference has always been considered as the most important event in the field of intellectual property. It gives a great opportunity to professionals in the field of intellectual property to discuss current events and news as well as establish new contacts and promote further cooperation between different companies.

Lana Kistersky was able to explore all the benefits of the virtual platforms that were created specially for this virtual INTA 2020. One of the best features is the INTA Connect that allowed to get in touch with any of the participants.

Our representative made a lot of new contacts during the video calls on the INTA platforms. During the face to face video meetings a lot of information regarding protection of intellectual property rights was exchanged as well as many professional aspects were shared.

The friendly atmosphere throughout the whole Annual Meeting promoted the establishment of new cooperations between the attorneys all around the globe.

Not only the face to face meetings were held but also quite a number of additional events that were worth of attending. Lana Kistersky took part in discussion of controversial issues that took place on the Table Topic: Immoral and Scandalous Trademarks around the world as well as sharing some thoughts during The Women’s LeadershIP Initiative Workshop.

In addition Lana Kistersky attended a number of educational sessions and speed networking sessions where she was able to share ideas related to the field of international regulation of intellectual property rights.

Kistersky IP Law is thankful to the organisers of this annual conference of the International Trademark Association for the well managed organisation of all the events, the friendly atmosphere, productive work process and establishment of cooperation between various companies all over the world.

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