DistributionMaster-2017: The Future of the Distribution Market

Kyiv, October 27, 2017


At the invitation of TradeMasterGroup, KISTERSKY IP Law employees took part in the All-Ukrainian Practical Conference “DistributionMaster-2017: The Future of the Distribution Market”.
Directors and marketers of companies from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and CIS countries took part in the conference. The participants of the conference presented papers touching on the practical issues of the development of markets using the legal protection of intellectual property.

Opportunities for communication, proposed by the organizers, served as an excellent platform for establishing new business contacts, exchanging views, experiences, and useful practical recommendations on the development of markets and the practice of protecting brands in various market situations.

In the course of business communication, employees of KISTERSKY IP Law held consultations on the issues of intellectual property rights protection in Ukraine and EU countries.
The main topics of the conference:
Transformation and diversification of distribution business. European experience.
Creating your own brand. Examples of successful cases.
Practical trade-marketing tools to increase sales. Where it is possible to save time and money, thanks to the organization of more effective work of trading marketing?
The unrealized potential of the sales model through Distributors.
Become a category captain or die!
Interaction between agents using automation technologies.
The degree of readiness of Ukrainian companies to work in world markets. Features of exports of Ukrainian products to markets in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

The issues raised aroused considerable interest and lively discussions among the participants of the conference, which showed the high relevance of the selected topics. We note the well-chosen composition of the conference speakers.

In addition to the time allotted for communication within the framework of the regulations, the conference participants had the opportunity to continue communicating with the speakers in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
The patent group “KISTERSKY IP Law” expresses its sincere gratitude to the “TradeMasterGroup” company and the participants of the conference for the high level of the organization of the event, the joint work and the friendly atmosphere conducive to productive communication and the establishment of new business ties.

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