Conference on digital transformathion of business

Digital Evolution Forum

Kiev, October 30, 2018

At the invitation of Microsoft, the employees of KISTERSKY IP Law took part in a conference on the digital business transformation of the Digital Evolution Forum.
The conference was attended by directors and marketers of companies from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the CIS countries.
The conference participants presented reports on practical issues of developing of small and medium-sized businesses using digitalization and protection of the objects of the intellectual property.

The opportunities for communication offered by the organizers served as an excellent platform for establishing new business contacts, exchanging opinions, experiences, and including useful practical recommendations regarding the development of markets and the practice of protecting brands in various market situations.

In the course of business communications, KISTERSKY IP Law employees held consultations on the issue of protection of the intellectual property rights in Ukraine.

The main topics of the conference were:

  1. Key tools and breakthrough technologies of the future for small and medium businesses.
  2. Search and support of business contacts.
  3. 12 tricks that increase the effectiveness of advertising.
  4. The advantages of the digital workspace.
  5. Business in the digital world. Opinion and criticism of the futurologist.
  6. 365 daily calls or business opportunities.
  7. The achievement of business goals using analytics, artificial intelligence and ERP / CRM data.
  8. All business indicators are right in the palm of your hand and business tools for detailed analysis of digital marketing.
  9. Digitalization of the business as a whole.

The issues raised aroused considerable interest and lively discussions among the conference participants, which showed the high relevance of the topics chosen. We also want to note the well-chosen list of the conference speakers.

Besides the time dedicatet to the communications in the framework of the rules, the participants of the conference had the opportunity to continue their communications with the speakers in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
The KISTERSKY IP Law patent group expresses sincere gratitude to the «Microsoft» company and to the conference participants for the high level of organization of the event, teamwork and a friendly atmosphere conducive to the productive communications and the establishment of new business contacts.

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