IX (XXIV) annual scientific-practical conference "Modern Practices of Patent Attorneys"

IX (XXIV) annual scientific-practical conference
“Modern Practices of Patent Attorneys”.

From November 27 to November 30, 2018 in the city of Kazan, the Interregional Public Organization for the Promotion of Patent Attorneys «The Chamber of Patent Attorneys» held the IX (XXXIV) annual scientific and practical conference “Modern Practices of Patent Attorneys».

The conference was attended by lawyers and patent attorneys from Bulgaria, Latvia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, USA, Russia.
During the conference, speakers presented the following reports:
– Monitoring of legislation and law enforcement in the field of intellectual property;
– «PCT . Margin for error: the boundaries of the possiblility»;
– The technical result and its role in the legal protection of the inventions;
– Forensic examination of inventions and utility models: the interpretation of the formula;
– Liability insurance of a patent attorney in Germany;
– Recommendations to Russian applicants for the protection of intellectual property in the United States;
– Disputes over appellations of origin in Russia: court approaches;
– Details concerning the legislative regulation of the rights to the appellation of origin and the protected geographical indication in the European Union on the example of the Federal Republic of Germany;
– Problematic issues of the institution of co-ownership of the exclusive rights to trademarks in the Russian Federation;
– The strategic choice of legal protection and defence between a trademark and an industrial design;
– Bottle as a patent;
– Objection to the registration of a European Union trademark: peaceful settlement;
– The fourth industrial revolution or the rise of the blockchain – the decline of state expertise ?;
– Thresholds values of publicity of trademarks and associations with manufacturers. The system of similarity factors to the degree of confusion ;
– Patenting of IT solutions in the USA, Europe and Russia;
– The issue of proving the distinctiveness of a trademark;
– Accelerated procedure in the European Patent Office;
– Changes in the patent legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

One of the peculiarities of this scientific and practical conference is the organization of practical training “BUSINESS GAME – COURT HEARING”. This event allows in practice and on the specific example to share their own experience in solving such problems and to gain invaluable experience from colleagues working in the field of intellectual property. The theme of the business game was «TRADEMARK PUSHKIN” AGAINST INDUSTRIAL DESIGN “.

Patent group “KISTERSKY IP Law” expresses deep gratitude to the organizers of the conference for a well-organized event and for the opportunity to meet with colleagues, as well as to find new business partners.

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